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Why Snaptec’s Water Quality Will Always Be Better In The Long Term

Imagine servicing your car without knowing its mileage. Is it possible? Sure it is, although you’d probably need to:

  1. Check your car’s condition more frequently as you don’t know its actual mileage
  2. Change your engine oil more frequently just in case you go over what the engine oil is rated for to avoid damage

Snaptec Dual Maintenance

Similar to a car, a water dispenser will only run as well as its maintenance, regardless of how expensive or luxurious the car or water dispenser is.

You would imagine then that water dispenser companies would pay special attention to the amount of consumption and usage of their water dispensers for maintenance purposes. If you thought that, you’d be wrong. Very, very wrong.

With the exception of Snaptec, all major water dispenser suppliers in Malaysia conduct maintenance with just a single metric: TIME. This means that regardless of how many people are using a water dispenser, maintenance will be done at the same interval. To make things even more easy to understand, this means that whether it is two people that are only at home for only a few hours a day or an office of 50 people sharing a water dispenser, there is no difference to the maintenance schedule. It is almost always somewhere between 3-4 months, depending on the company.

This of course creates issues. Let’s go back to the car example above. Without knowing its mileage, the first issue it creates is the frequency of checking on the water quality. This is why maintenance needs to be done more frequently. Secondly, filter changes are done on a best / worst case basis. Ie: lots of guesswork. Speaking of guesswork, guess who covers the cost of all the unnecessary work and filter replacements? No prizes here!

At Snaptec, we have introduced water dispensers that connect to the internet. One of the main benefits of this is that we are able to transmit data and diagnostics over the air. We are able to monitor every dispense and even diagnose simple errors remotely. We only change filters and conduct maintenance when it is necessary. Every Aurra has its own unique maintenance cycle and service intervals are dynamic and according to every household’s actual and unique consumption.

Our filters are rated for 3000 Litres, and our maintenance is done every 3000 Litres or 6 months, whichever comes first. This means that if you are a heavy user (say in a office with 50 people), maintenance may on average be every 2 months. However, if you’re a small family, maintenance may be every 5 or 6 months on average. No wastage, highly efficient, and super optimized. All you have to do is to connect the Aurra to your home or office WiFi network to automatically enable this feature.



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