All Aurra models connect to the internet using WiFi (Either your home WiFi or phone hotspot). This IoT connection allows Snaptec to monitor your Aurra in real time to ensure everything is working well, as well as send us your individual as well as family consumption data for maintenance and hydration tracking purposes.

While most other manufacturers offer IoT as a gimmick, we are the only water purifier company in the world to provide such a large range of core features based on our IoT connectivity. Here are some of our features that uses IoT: Hydration tracking, automatic updates, pay-as-you-use billing system, maintenance based on actual usage, maintenance scheduling, real-time Aurra status monitoring, feature development voting, and our loyalty program.

Tankless technology has caught on due to the extravagant amount of electricity used in traditional tank water purifiers. True tankless technology works by processing hot water only as and when you need it, eliminating the need to keep your drinking water hot at all times inside a tank. 

All Aurra Water Purifiers use a flow sensor and Microcontroller chip to calculate how much water is dispensed each time it happens. This consumption data sent to our servers is usually accurate to within a 5% margin

We at Snaptec pride ourselves on only building our Water Purifiers using green technology. Our Aurra Water Purifiers use tankless technology for hot water, and thermoelectric technology for cold water which is uses half the amount of electricity compared to traditional compressor type cooling systems. Expect little to no increment on your electricity bills monthly using the Aurra water purifier compared to roughly RM20-30 a month for traditional water purifiers.

Because the Aurra Pro is connected to our servers constantly, we often push updates and new features to our existing customers. This process is fully automated and you do not need to manually do anything. We aim for at least 2 major new features per year, voted by our existing customers. For instance, in our latest update, we at Snaptec made it possible for our Aurra Pro customers to change the color of the LED lighting. The Aurra Pro gets better with time, not obsolete. Join the Snapsters community today!

While we understand this concern because Android phones do lag after a few years of usage, our hardware and software differs in 2 major ways. Firstly, the water purifier functions are controlled by a separate Microcontroller, which provides instantaneous response. Our Android chipset only caters solely for the GUI with a dedicated GPU chip. Secondly, unlike the phone which has many applications and functions, we only run a single dedicated Application in fullscreen mode. As a comparison, many manufacturers in other industries have realized the potential of using Android. You need to look no further than Android Auto as an example. It’s about time someone brought this technology to the water purifier industry.


Because we have access to consumption data, our maintenance schedule is unique from Aurra to Aurra, depending on your actual usage, similar to your car’s mileage. Our filters are rated to perform optimally for 3000 Litres based on Malaysian tap water. Maintenance is included for free in our Ez and Snap Plans. For the purchase plan, you can pay for the filters upon maintenance. All savings goes to you, our customer. For more specific details, please click here

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As you may already know, there are many different types of filtration systems ranging from RO, Mineral, Alkaline, and more. The reason we at Snaptec use Disruptor™ Filtration is because because while it remove unwanted compounds like heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals, it does not remove beneficial minerals in the water. Combined with our specially formulated mineralizer, this not only enhances the taste, but also provides for a healthy mild alkaline pH, similar to most fruits and vegetables. Find out more here

If you need help with the relocation of your Aurra Water Purifier, do contact us by clicking here or start a chat with us on the bottom right of your screen


The Ez plan is a fixed monthly rental plan similar to what you can find with other companies in the industry. There is a 5 year contract which cannot be terminated prematurely. All maintenance, filter changes, and warranty is included in this plan.

The purchase plan is a contractless plan whereby you will own the Aurra immediately upon purchase. This plan comes with a 2 year warranty, and no monthly payments. There will be a charge for filter changes every 3000 litres of usage, this usage will be monitored via our IoT tracking system

The Snap plan is a fixed monthly rental plan. There is no contract period with this plan. All maintenance, filter changes, and warranty is included in this plan. more

In general, we recommend the Snap Plan for most small-medium sized families between 2-6 pax. For bigger families, you can’t go wrong with the Ez and Purchase Plans 


Head on over to the play store or app store and search for “Snaptec”. You will see our Snaptec Connect App there. Alternatively, just click on the links below:



Aurra Lite & Plus:

  1. Download Snaptec Conect App From App Store or Play Store
  2. Register and set-up your profile according to in-app instructions
  3. Click on QR Button located on the top right on the screen
  4. Scan the QR on card provided together with your Aurra Lite or Plus

Aurra Pro

  1. Download Snaptec Conect App From App Store or Play Store
  2. Register and set-up your profile according to in-app instructions
  3. Click on QR Button as shown
  4. Tap “New User” button on Aurra Pro profile screen, and then scan the QR code shown on Aurra Pro screen
  1. In Snaptec Connect App, tap on “devices” tab
  2. Select your Aurra
  3. Click on”Billing & Payment”
  1. In Snaptec Connect App, tap on “devices” tab
  2. Select Your Aurra
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Service & Maintenance” 

Note: The app will only prompt you for servicing when close to the 3000 Litre service mark.


Firstly, we are a company that designs, develops, produces, assembles, markets, distributes, and maintains the Aurra which gives us full control over pricing and product development. Secondly, we are able to cut out high commissions and retail costs prevalent in our industry by not having middle men agents or retail outlets. 

We always look out for our existing customers with fair upgrade deals. Do contact us here or start a chat with us on the bottom right hand side of your screen

We at Snaptec do not believe in appointing freelance or independent agents. We believe this results in high prices and lots of mis-selling in the marketplace where agents will do or say anything just to get a sale. Instead of contributing to the industry problem, we have 2 alternatives for you. You can sign up to be an affiliate here, or submit your resume for a permanent sales position in our company at: [email protected]

We’re always open to working together for mutual benefit. Contact us here