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Snaptec Ez Plan, Smart Plan & Corp Plan: All Aurra maintenance is FOC or included during the duration of the monthly maintenance period.

Snaptec Purchase Plan: All Aurra comes with 3000L filters from the installation date. Thereafter, each time there is maintenance necessary, the following charges apply:

  • Filter changes: RM350 for Aurra Lite & Aurra Plus (Every 3000L), and RM400 For Aurra Pro & Aurra Pro 2 (Every 3000L)
  • Aurra Health Check Up (Only If Necessary): RM50

What Is Included Under Maintenance: Filter Changes, Aurra Health Checkups & General Maintenance

Usage: For usage above 1000 Litres Per Month, Snaptec reserves the right to charge an additional fee of:

  • Aurra Lite: RM0.25 Per Litre
  • Aurra Plus: RM0.30 Per Litre
  • Aurra Pro / Pro 2: RM0.38 Per Litre

This additional charge only applies to Ez Plans & Smart Plans, but not Purchase Plans & Corporate Plans.

Additional Note: 

Snap Technology & Solutions Sdn Bhd reserves the right to suspend maintenance and dispense if we detect any irregular usage or behaviour, such as using the Aurra for commercial purposes like bottling and water filling stations without prior consent, or if outstanding bills are unpaid over a 3 month period


Drop your phone number here and one of our friendly Snaptec Wizards will get back to you with advise after understanding your needs.