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How We Improve The Aurra Pro Over Time?

Software updates. A concept that everyone with a smartphone should be familiar with. Apps update over time, new features are introduced, bugs fixed, optimizations done.

What we have done is to steal copy borrow this idea and introduce this concept to the water dispenser.

Automatic Updates

“What benefit does this bring?”

“Why does a water dispenser need to be updated?”

No, I’m not a mind reader! In theory, you can take any normal water dispenser in the market or even our more basic models the Aurra Lite and Aurra Plus, and I’ll agree with you that it’d be impossible to add features through software updates.

BUT! When it comes to the Aurra Pro, the 7” touchscreen and internet connectivity changes this theory quite a bit. Take our latest update (version 1.3.24) for example. We introduced the eco mode which allows our customers to select the time they need and do not need cold water. The Aurra Pro will then automate the rest, individually turning the cold water module off when it is not needed. This reduces the electricity consumption and therefore bill by about 20%. Talk about real tangible benefits.

The 7” touchscreen acts like a blank canvas for us to introduce new features and experiments. But the good news does not end here. For new features, Aurra Pro customers specifically get to vote on the features that they would most like to see, and we develop the feature that gets the highest vote. Our community is KING!

In this way, the Aurra Pro is truly the most future-proof water dispenser that you can find in the market today. Compared to more traditional water purifiers that start to get obsolete the moment it is installed, the Aurra Pro only gets better and better over time.



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