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Snaptec Ez Plan, 2 Year Plan & 5 Year Plan: Warranty covers any manufacturing defects for all parts during the duration of time that the monthly subscription is paid. Not paying for monthly subscription will result in Warranty being voided and the Aurra being forfeited. For customers that have opted to pay upfront, the Aurra will be warrantied for the entire duration of the subscription period.

Snaptec Snap Plan: Warranty covers any manufacturing defects for all parts during the duration of time that the monthly maintenance is paid. Not paying for monthly maintenance for a period of 3 months in a row or more will result in Warranty being voided.

Snaptec Purchase Plan & Aurra Evo: Warranty covers any manufacturing defects for all parts for a period of 12 months from the installation date. This period extends to 24 months with the “Warranty Plus” or “Warranty Pro” add on during checkout.

WiFi Connectivity: Due to the number of possible routers, router chipsets, router firmware, software configuration, internet service providers, and external factors beyond our control, Snaptec is not obligated nor responsible to solve WiFi and internet connectivity issues for our customers should any connectivity issues arise. Instead, Snaptec’s will only attempt to solve these issues on a best-effort basis. Snaptec reserves the right and final verdict on any WiFi and connectivity issues.

Water Pressure: All high-end water purifiers require power and a water source to function optimally and normally. There may be rare cases in which the water pressure on location is below the acceptable threshold, particularly for our tankless heating technology. When this happens, Snaptec will recommend ways to solve the issue on a case-to-case basis. Snaptec may also recommend a pump (charged separately) to solve the low water pressure issue. Power and water source are considered external factors. We at Snaptec will only be responsible for the Snaptec Aurra water purifier, and not external factors. You may need to consult your own electrician or plumbers for your location’s power and water pressure limitations.

Snaptec Delivery & Installation: While we do our very best to ensure our services are up to our very high standards, we are not liable for any damages incurred to your property during or after installation.

What Is Not Covered Under Warranty: Damage to any parts due to lightning strikes, electrical surges, or user negligence. User negligence also includes filter damage due to incorrect input water sources such as feeding hot water or something else other than regulated municipal water.

What Is Considered a Manufacturing Defect: Any part or component that malfunctions caused by a fault in the manufacturing process. Physical wear and tear due to usage over time such as blemishes or discoloration to the plastic housing does not constitute a manufacturing defect.

Additional Note: Snap Technology & Solutions Sdn Bhd reserves the right to have the final verdict in all matters regarding warranty & cause of damage to any parts.


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