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Everyone loves purchasing new items but when it comes to the maintenance, it can be a real headache with hidden costs and extra measures taken to ensure it works as good as new. Maintenance is especially important when it comes to your water filtration system. Water is a huge necessity and we definitely want to enjoy it in its highest quality possible for the entirety of the water filtration system’s lifespan and not just while its new.

Many water dispensers in Malaysia operate on routine maintenance of 3-4 months, regardless of the actual consumption usage, which varies from household to household and from office to office. However, is this the most efficient way of optimising your water filter? The truth is, it isn’t especially in terms of cost and water filtration quality. In fact, you may even be paying way more than you should for maintenance without realising it!

At Snaptec, we are passionate about reimagining the concept of water filters that you are all too familiar with to deliver you groundbreaking innovation at a better value. At the heart of all our Aurra Water Filters lie a groundbreaking technology called Snaptec Watertrack, a patent-pending revolution that helps you save up to 70% on your maintenance cost. So how does the Snaptec Watertrack work?

It will monitor your actual water usage and feed real-time information to us
This one-of-a-kind hydration tracking system can help us fully optimise your water filter efficiency by giving us precise information as to when maintenance is required. The usage of an individual would be significantly lesser compared to an office of people. So imagine how much you can save over the years with the Aurra smart water purifier?

It will help lower maintenance cost while maintaining the consistent quality of your water, every time
The beauty of this technology is the fact that we know the exact time to change your filter without any compromise to your quality of water. Depending on your usage, you only need to pay for what you actually use. You’ll be saving anywhere between 50%-70% over 5 years of usage.

Get it all with the best water filter, the Aurra water purifier. Find out more about our range of water filters, smart plans, and Snaptec Connect app, the all-in-one app where you can track your water consumption, earn rewards for hitting your drinking goals, redeem vouchers and incredible discounts and pay your bills too! Enter into a world of modern convenience with us today.


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