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The Aurra Water Purifier Seamlessly merges modern technology with the best water processing has to offer, creating the smartest water purifier ever built

Real Disruption
Real Innovation
Real Value

While most water purifiers companies are happy to just innovate on the exterior design and overcharge their customers,

We want to transform the concept of the water purifier through other-worldly experiences and by offering better value.

This is what Snaptec stands for.


All Aurra Water Purifiers come with Snaptec’s Watertrack DNA, Nano+ filtration, internet connectivity and are produced in collaboration with Germany, Korea, Malaysia, and China, with only the best parts and components selected.ย 


"Most impressive! Demmmmm super nice!"
Malaysian Actor & Celebrity
"Itโ€™s time to step into the future of the water purifier"
Biz & Lifestyle Magazine
"Suka sangat dengan AURRA PRO latest technology made in Malaysia ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡พ! Malaysia memang boleh!"
Lifestyle Vlogger
"More canggih than any other water purifier"
Tech Reviewer
"Simply the best water purifier we've reviewed, bar none"
Review Website

Unlock the full potential of your Aurra with our dedicated app, Snaptec Connect. Hydration Tracking, Snaptec Care and more!


All filters, tubing, and connectors used in the Aurra Water Purifiers are certified by the NSF (ANSI-42 & 61)

All Aurra Water Purifiers are certified HALAL by JAKIM. In addition, all filters are also certified HALAL by the KMF

The Aurra Water Purifier is a collaborative effort from Germany, Korea, China, & Malaysia. We only use the best components from each country

Our flagship Aurra Pro features a large interactive 7″ Touchscreen, light & dark themes, custom temperature settings, and individual profiling.

Simple and Convenient, The Aurra Plus is our best-seller for a very good reason: It has everything you need and more in a water purifier.


Learn more about our patent pending technology present in all Aurra Water Purifiers


We at Snaptec are proud to introduce an all new way of looking at water purifier maintenance. Learn about its benefits here


Did some research and comparison on the pros/ cons with few other water purifier in the market. We finally decided to go for this! Installed today and so far we satisfied with the product and the service provided. Hopefully the company can sustain! How i wish the device comes in matte black for the whole body ๐Ÿ˜Ž maybe in future. Thank you and credit to Ms Syikin for politely attending to my concerns before installation. Thank you to the installer Mr Ashraf for being so professional!
The size of the machine is good for current households since space is so limited in the kitchen. The "speed" of the water flowing out is pretty fast for room temperature water and for boiling water it's slower and I really like this function since this special caution feature is very important.
Hoh L.
Sickest water filter in the market today, from the touch screen to the app Water taste rroiiiiii makmak
I am very very happy and satisfied with the product! The screen/panel is very responsive. My nieces and nephew love the machine so much and keep on taking turns "playing" with the machine and thus drink more water. The "boiling" water function is very good and its friendly to children.
Queenie H.
Received items in good condition and great customer services and support offering from seller.
Aurra Plus unit wrapped nicely in bubble wrap. Done self installation. Support team is very helpful, always stay alert online to help in answering all queries. Love Aurra Plus with the hot water function.
Lean K.
At first, we thought this is too good to be true. We had plenty of questions. Luckily, the guys at Snaptec are really helpful and responsive. We had questions about the plans, filtration, how the device works and more, until it took us late night to finish discussing. The guys behind at Snaptec are very knowledgeable. It gave us the confidence to get their product over others. Overall delivery/installation = Very Good Installer was very professional and courteous. The job was neat. He also gave us a brief introduction on how the product is to be used. As we had questions after that, he was also able to answer all those. We have been using the product for over a week now, and we are very happy. The device is easy to use. It also looks cool and if you get to understand how it works inside, it makes it even cooler. We're confident to say that we made the right decision in choosing the product. ๐Ÿ™‚
Enrico N.
love the tankless hot water and also the hydration tracking features. professional installer as well!
Seller was very patient and quick to respond to my many questions. Received the product in very good condition. The customer service and installer were both very courteous. Product looks even better than in pictures. Very sleek modern design and beautiful ambient light. First product that I know that I can track my water usage on my phone app conveniently. I would highly recommend Snaptec to everyone!
Jenn W.
Really happy with the product.. You know the company is doing right when the founder himself is on ground.
Nimalen P.
Super cheap ownership costs if compared to C***y and C****o. And the design is just amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰
Mohammad I.
before i went to purchase this unit, i ask a lots of questions with them and they answered promptly.they really know their products.thumbs up! after a month of usage, I'm really satisfied with all the aspect of this water filter. design - cun. price - very affordable. customer service - superb. most important thing is the water quality & taste is very good - on par with other top brand. the extra features for this filter is you can track personal water intake and also overall monthly usage.
Mohammad F.
Been years and years for the ideal hot water dispenser. Was just about to buy another brand but decided to buy the Aurra when I heard about it from a friend. Undeniably a well designed and cutting edge water dispenser that is connected to the cloud, enabling you to track your water consumption and alert Snaptec when its time to replace the filters. The functions are all soft coded so you can customise it to your needs. Just used it for one day but I must say its one of the coolest home appliances I've bought in some time
Chun H.


These days, a water dispenser or water purifier is an absolute necessity in every home. One just has to look at the amount of dirt stuck in our tap aerator. Also, who doesn’t love the sheer convenience of enjoying water at your desired temperature with a tap of a finger? While most water purifiers do a good job of dispensing hot and cold water, there are rarely any who go above and beyond the norm of just that. That got us thinking; How could we push the boundaries of innovation and potentially revolutionise the concept of the water purifier? We’ve seen technology evolve when it comes to gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and television. How do we bring that advancement to a water filter?

With collaborative effort from Germany, Korea, China, and Malaysia, we’re proud to introduce The Aurra to the world. Sleekly stylish and packed with a host of smart features, the Aurra is the perfect addition to any space and lifestyle. Here’s why you absolutely need one today:

1. Slim and contemporary appearance
Aesthetics play a big role in making your living space eye-appealing. While The Aurra is already stunning on its own, you can also transform The Aurra into a decorative art piece that exudes futuristic sensuality. Its lightbar and mechanical button on the centerpiece also change colour based on water temperature and dispensing mode.

2. Experience innovation at its finest with its 7″ touchscreen display that’s packed with never before seen features on a water filter and powered by Android
The Aurra water purifier is the first water purifier machine of its kind to be powered by an Android OS. You’ll be able to connect to wifi, create profiles for you and your loved ones, get real-time device status, and more. You can also expect periodic updates and new features added to the water purifier as we love to keep the innovation ball rolling.

Applicable to the Aurra Pro water filter only.

3. Enjoy ultra-clean and refreshing in every drop of water with Nano technology & personalised maintenance schedules packed in one sleek water filter
Stylish on the outside and an absolute beast on the inside. The Aurra features either a triple or quadruple nanofiltration system that comes with full-sized filters, each with a unique function. This, together with changing a personalised maintenance schedule ensures you get to enjoy the highest quality of water, glass after glass.

4. Tankless infinite hot water to make your favourite beverages on demand? Yes, please!
Say yes to this hot water dispenser! At just a touch of a button, you’ll be able to get hot water set at the temperature that you desire. Every glass is guaranteed to be as hot as the previous one, without burning a hole in your pocket. The Aurraโ€™s tankless design helps save on electricity bills while providing the highest quality hot water without constant reboiling.
Applicable to the Aurra Pro and Aurra Plus range of water filters only.

5. Save up to 70% on maintenance cost thanks to Snaptec Watertrack
At the heart of every Aurra Water Purifier is the Snaptec Watertrack, a patented pending water track technology that tracks the water usage to optimise your maintenance cycle and potentially help you save on maintenance costs of up to 70%. Unlike most water filters that have a maintenance cycle of 3-4 months, the Snaptec Watertrack technology allows us to monitor your actual water usage in real-time so we know when is the best time to change your water filter. This means that maintenance of every Aurra is personalized! This ensures that the quality of your water is uncompromised.

6. Track your own hydration levels, earn rewards, pay bills, and more with our Snaptec Connect app
That’s right! Be rewarded when you stay hydrated. Track your consumption, and be rewarded with points you can use to redeem vouchers and irresistible discounts from us or our partners. Enjoy hassle-free payment with Snaptec Connect app for the Snaptec Smart Plan and EZ Plan.


Drop your phone number here and one of our friendly Snaptec Wizards will get back to you with advise after understanding your needs.