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Step 1

Choose Your Aurra:

Aurra Lite - RM880
Aurra Plus - RM1,480
Aurra Pro - RM2,480

Step 2

Purchase on Website / Lazada

Step 3

Delivery / Installation

Step 4

Start Using Your Aurra, First Month is FREE !

Step 5

Download the Snaptec Connect App. Every month, you will be billed a monthly maintenance fee according to your actual usage

RM0.25 Per Litre

Min Monthly: RM22
Max Monthly: RM70 Unlimited Usage

RM0.22 Per Litre

Min Monthly: RM18
Max Monthly: RM50 Unlimited Usage

RM0.20 Per Litre

Min Monthly: RM15
Max Monthly: RM40 Unlimited Usage

Why Do I Still Have To Pay Monthly Maintenance?

All water purifiers require maintenance regardless where you purchase it from to maintain the water quality. Other companies usually charge per lump sum every time there is a filter change or factor the cost into fixed monthly rentals. With Snaptec's Smart Plan, you essentially purchase the Aurra at factory cost, and only pay for what you actually consume afterwards. For most households, this usually equates to savings of 50-70% over a 5 year period.

What Does The Maintenance Fee Cover?

  All Filter Changes
  Aurra Health Checkups