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Because we at Snaptec know we attract only the smartest of consumers, you can now only pay for what you actually use, thanks to the Aurra Water Purifier’s IoT Technology

*In this example, Daniel’s family has consumed 82 Litres of water, multiplied by RM0.38, hence the bill is RM31.16. Note that no matter how much Daniel’s family consumes, he won’t be paying more than RM95 for his Aurra Pro 2

No Fixed Monthly Fees

Enjoy the Aurra Water Purifier from only RM30 a month. Your monthly bill is calculated directly from your own consumption, per litre. Do not worry about overusage as we have a maximum monthly cap for all models. Drink to your heart's content

No Long Contracts

Don't let contracts hold you hostage! With the Smart Plan, you can stop whenever you want to. The ultimate flexible plan

We Got You Covered

As long as you are subscribed to our plan, we take care of all maintenance as well as your warranty. No more unexpected bills, no more stress, no more worries!



Drop your phone number here and one of our friendly Snaptec Wizards will get back to you with advise after understanding your needs.