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When Snaptec was founded, one of the key aspects that we truly wanted to provide is innovation that has a clear tangible and measurable impact for our customers, and nothing is more impactful than lightening the load on our customers’ wallets !

Thus far, most water purifier companies provide 2 payment options. Consumers can either pay one lump sum upfront, or subscribe to a rental or hire purchase plan for a fixed period of time. None of these options actually take into consideration the most important thing, which is, how much water is actually being used.

What’s even more surprising is that most water purifier companies usually don’t have the faintest idea on how much drinking water is dispensed from their water purifiers at all. Think about it, why should a family of 3 pay the same as a family of 8, or even an office of 50 employees?

An argument could perhaps be made that consumers are charged on a “per water purifier” basis, but given that a huge portion of what consumers pay for is for the maintenance of the water purifiers which actually varies greatly based on usage, is it logical to have such a billing system?

This is when we developed our patent pending Snaptec WaterTrack™ technology, which allows us to bill our customers based purely on what they actually use. On a holiday or not at home for an extended period of time? You only pay the minimum RM30 needed for us to upkeep certain things, like our servers and SIM cards.

Some people have asked us:

"But what if I'm a heavy user? Will I end up paying wayyy more?"

Fortunately, with the Snaptec Smart Plan, all Aurra models feature a maximum monthly payment cap. What this means is that once your monthly bill reaches this capped amount, your bill will not exceed this amount regardless of how much you actually use. What’s more, there is no forced commitment to long contracts. If you for any reason decide to no longer continue using your Aurra Water Purifier, you can simply just stop paying the monthly fees. All in all, a simple and elegant solution made possible only by Snaptec’s IoT Smart Water Purifiers. This makes the Smart Plan the unmatched payment plan in terms of flexibility and low running cost. This is why the Smart Plan has

All of the benefits, and none of the drawbacks of traditional payment systems

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back soon with more !




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