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Hello reader,
I hope you are well. Just this morning, something crossed my mind. Thinking back, I realize how fast the world around us changes. Things that were trends 10 or even 5 years ago seem so obsolete today. Remember the phone brand Blackberry or Nokia and how fast they became obsolete in just a short space of time? Or how we will not buy a TV nowadays if it did not come with Smart TV functionality?

When we initially set out to develop the Aurra Pro, one of the key things we were very adamant about was that it had to be based on a platform that is and will continue to be super scalable into the future, even 5-10 years from now. One of the things we did not want to do was to release a product that got obsolete quickly like our competitors. It is very clear to me that technology is always evolving exponentially faster and faster. We always asked ourselves:

How can we create more value for our users and customers in this ever changing world?

We ended up developing all of the Aurra Pro’s software on the Android platform. Yes. The Aurra is running on Android OS with a quad core processor. In essence, what this means is that whatever your smartphone can do, it can be developed on the Aurra Pro as well. We can then push these updates to you over the internet. Since launch, we have already given our customers 3 minor, and 1 major feature update, all for FREE! This is also why we only get 5 star ratings over all our sales platforms


This is why we are seeing a trend in the market today where more and more smart devices choose Android as their platform of choice. Think Android Auto, the in-car entertainment system which will increasingly set the industry standard.


On another note, are we at Snaptec being naive here? After all, many manufacturers intentionally make their products obsolete after a few years so that their users will have to purchase the product again (planned obsolescence). This, together with intentionally making products hard to repair (i’m thinking of you, Apple!) are a large part of the sales strategy for many companies out there big and small.


We at Snaptec think differently. We know better than to annoy and disrespect our customers’ intelligence. If you are the intelligent type of person, there is only 1 logical choice when deciding which water purifier to purchase for the long term. I rest my case. Over and out peeps !

  Founder of Snaptec


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